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World's Most Amazing Videos: Volume One DVD
World's Most Amazing Videos: Volume One

World's Most Amazing Videos: Volume One

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You won't believe your eyes as World's Most Amazing Videos: Volume One delivers some of the most heart pounding and extraordinary moments ever captured on camera! With over three hours of shocking and real viral footage from death-defying police encounters, fantastic natural phenomenon's, and other unbelievable mishaps, this is a DVD you will want to watch over and over. It's everyday real life at its most bizarre, humorous, intriguing, frightening... and amazing!Episode OneIt's pedal-to-the-metal danger as a motorcyclist takes a terrifying tumble, an show maneuver goes horribly off-course, a snowmobiler finds himself fleeing from a perilous avalanche, and much more.Episode Two"Living on the Edge" takes on newmeaning when a bungee jumper finds himself strangled by his cord, a dump truck driver tries to out-run the police, a parachutist deploys too early, and much more.Episode ThreeNot for the faint of heart, his episode includes scenesof a woman dangling from an electric wire, a hair-raising plane accident, a gas station electrical fire, a fiery crash on the Hollywood Freeway, and much more.Episode FourThere's plenty of crashing and smashing going on as a speeding train plows into a truck of flammable gas bottles, reckless driver careens through an outdoor mall, a biker takes a traumatic tumble down a volcano crater, and much more.Episode FiveFear goes to new heights as a pilot ejects fromhis plane into the ocean, a horse tumbles off a catwalk into an audience, a man falls from a Ferris wheel, a young boy attempts to jump his bike on to the roof of his house, and much more.
Title: World's Most Amazing Videos: Volume One
Genre: Special Interest
Studio: Universal Studios
Attributes: Full Frame, Dolby, Subtitled
Release Date: 11/11/2008
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 025195011129
Item #: MCA001112

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