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WWII - Archives of War: Rare World War II Documentaries, 1942-1951 DVD
WWII - Archives of War: Rare World War II Documentaries, 1942-1951

WWII - Archives of War: Rare World War II Documentaries, 1942-1951

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IT'S YOUR AMERICA - 1945: A reluctant draftee is sent to fight overseas, where he witnesses the carnage of war and the massacre of innocents suffered by Europe at the hands of its brutal Nazi overlords. He comes to appreciate the true meaning of democracy, and why it's worth fighting for. This first class production stars Arthur Kennedy (Lawrence of Arabia - 1962, Elmer Gantry - 1960).NEWS THRILLS 1942: British forces drive Rommel back in North Africa. U.S. Marines invade Guadalcanal, recapturingterritory from the Japanese for the first time in the war.RUSSIA STRIKES BACK: The bloodiest and most desperate fighting of the war rages in Stalingrad. The nightmare of carrier warfare in the Pacific is documented in amazing footage.NEWSPARADE 1945: A British battleship is torpedoed and 800 men lost at sea. A terrifying new weapon, the V2, rains death down upon London. Millions mourn the death of Roosevelt. General Eisenhower leads an army of occupation into Berlin, while Axis war criminals stand trial.SEA POWER IN THE PACIFIC: The magnificent planning and execution of the largest successful military campaign in history, the American Navy driving the Japanese fleet from the vast Pacific, is graphically documented in Allied and captured enemy footage.READY, U.S. MARINE RESERVES: The history of these ever-ready warriors is recounted in highlights from historic Marine engagements including Guadalcanal, Okinawa and Iwo Jima.THE MACARTHUR REPORT: In 1951 a shocked America watched as its greatest war hero, General Douglas MacArthur, was fired by president Harry Truman. The incredible history and contributions of the brilliant warrior who brought victory and glory to American arms, is recounted in documentary and combat
Title: WWII - Archives of War: Rare World War II Documentaries, 1942-1951
Genre: War-World War II
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 12/31/2013
Original Year: 1942
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218726797
Item #: 1036243X

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