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WWII - Hellions of War: Rare World War II Propaganda DVD
WWII - Hellions of War: Rare World War II Propaganda

WWII - Hellions of War: Rare World War II Propaganda

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WINNING YOUR WINGS - 1942: America enters World War II and Lieutenant James Stewart shows us the tens of thousands of aircraft being churned out by U.S. industry, opening new jobs for 2 million American men. Lieutenant Jimmy tells us that not only can werender patriotic service to our country, but there is nothing to impress a pretty young girl like a pair of gold wings on a man's chest! Starring James Stewart and Don DeFore.NEWS OF 1940: Europe explodes in war. Allied forces are driven from thecontinent by the Nazis with 300,000 British troops barely escaping destruction at Dunkirk. As Roosevelt wins a historic third term, America begins to build its armed forces and industry in anticipation of war.YANKS BOMB TOKYO -1942: Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle's historic bombing of Tokyo is filmed as it happens.YANKS SMASH TRUK -1944: The Yanks deliver payback for Pearl Harbor as a huge carrier attack force assaults the Japanese Truk Atoll Harbor, sinking 19 ships and destroying over 200 enemy planes.ROME FALLS TO ALLIES -1944: Advancing American and British columns enter the Eternal City on June 4, 1944, making it the first Axis capital to fall, while a jubilant populace rejoices.INVASION! OF FORTRESS EUROPE - 1944:The greatest military force in history assaults the Nazis at Normandy on June 6, 1944. Highlights include rare footage of Generals Eisenhower, Bradley and Montgomery.CAMERA THRILLS OF THE WAR: The grim reality of war is presented right before your eyes with highlights including the smashing of Japanese and Nazi air might, savage Pacific jungle warfare and captured enemy footage of a U-Boat attack.U.S. MARINES CAPTURE IWO JIMA - 1945: The battle of Iwo Jima is filmed in color as it happene
Title: WWII - Hellions of War: Rare World War II Propaganda
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Starring: Charles Drake, Bill Edwards, Juanita Stark, Ray Montgomery, Bill Kennedy, Dolores Moran, Jack Mower, Jean Ames, Inez Gay, Leah Baird
Director: John Huston
Studio: Alpha Video
Release Date: 2/25/2014
Original Year: 2014
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218730497
Item #: 1103350X

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