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The Law of 45's / The Wyoming Whirlwind DVD
The Law of 45's /  The Wyoming Whirlwind

The Law of 45's / The Wyoming Whirlwind

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The Wyoming Whirlwind (BW, 1932): A masked man called "The Wolf" steals a strongbox from Steve Cantrell's ranch. Judy Flagg, a pretty newcomer to town, is almost killed in the robbery, but is saved by the timely intervention of Keene Wallace. The mysterious stranger reveals his secret to the girl -- That he is "The Wolf!" He seeks proof that Cantrell killed his father and stole the family ranch years before. With Judy's help, Wallace swears to bring the crooked rancher to justice. But as long as the authorities are on his tail, it won't be easy...The Wyoming Whirlwind was broadcast on television under the title Roaring Rider. The film's star, Lane Chandler, began his career as a romantic leading man in the silent era, appearing opposite sex symbols like Clara Bow and Greta Garbo. The advent of sound led to a downturn in his fortunes, but he soon returned to popularity with a starring role in the Universal serial The Lightning Express (1930) and a series of Westerns for Willis Kent Productions. He wenton to appear in over 300 films in his four decade career, including some of Hollywood's biggest hits (The Plainsman, It's A Wonderful Life, The Greatest Show On Earth) though he was mostly cast in uncredited supporting roles. Starring Lane Chandler and Yakima Canutt. Directed by Armand Schaeffer.The Law Of 45's (BW, 1935): Tucson "Two-Gun" Smith and his sidekick Stoney Martin traverse the frontier, righting wrongs and helping those in need. While passing through what seems to be a peaceful valley, they meet Joan Hayden and her father. Rontell, a crooked lawyer, has been burning down any ranch in the valley that refuses to be bought out. The Haydens' home is next on the list. Two-Gun and Stoney vow to stop Rontell before it is too late.The
Title: The Law of 45's / The Wyoming Whirlwind
Genre: Westerns
Starring: Lane Chandler, Yakima Canutt, Al St. John
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 9/1/2015
Original Year: 1932
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218770295
Item #: 1533562X

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