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The Young Savages DVD
The Young Savages

The Young Savages

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The beginning of the long association between director John Frankenheimer and actor Burt Lancaster, The Young Savages stars the latter as Assistant D.A. Hank Bell. In the Spanish Harlem of the late 1950s, Hank is prosecuting three members of an Italian street gang who have been charged with the stabbing death of a blind Puerto Rican teenager. Although D.A. Dan Cole (Edward Andrews), eager to boost his career, has told the press that he'll seek the death penalty, Hank, a product of the same kind of slum neighborhood as both the killers and their victim, resolves to remain neutral until he's completed his investigation. His involvement is complicated both by his liberal wife Karin's (Dina Merrill) stand against capital punishment, and the fact that one of the indicted, Danny Di Pace (Stanley Kristien) is the son of his former fiance Mary (Shelley Winters). As he patiently probes the case, Hank learns that the victim was actually the leader of a Puerto Rican street gang who was pimping his 13-year-old sisteron the side. As tensions escalate on both sides, Karin is attacked by a street gang, and Hank is viciously beaten up in a subway. This solid, socially conscious, police procedural, was only the director's second feature, and he gets fine performances from Lancaster and Shelley Winters. Young composer David Amram, who would also work on the director's Manchurian Candidate, contributes a sharp, jazz-inflected score.
Title: The Young Savages
Genre: Drama-Classics
Starring: The Young Savages, Burt Lancaster, Dina Merrill, Shelley Winters, Edward Andrews, Vivian Nathan, Larry Gates, Jody Fair, Milton Selzer, Robert Burton
Director: John Frankenheimer
Studio: KL Studio Classics
Release Date: 9/23/2014
Original Year: 1961
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 738329139728
Item #: 1256628X

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